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Take a Day Trip

You may think we only offer pontoon boat rentals in Panama City Beach but that's not all we do. We have a really FUN day trip option for you and your family with one of our experienced Captains. Grab your cooler, beach towels, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses and let's take a day trip to your choice of Destin or Apalachicola. Can't decide which one - let's flip a coin. ;) Heads - Destin. Tails - Apalachicola. Enjoy Crab Island while in Destin- jump in and cool off or stroll Harbor Walk in Destin for the day, enjoying all the restaurants and shops they have to offer. If you choose Apalachicola, you can take in and enjoy the history of Apalachicola, the old town feel of the boutiques, the local restaurants and the brewery. Such a FUN adult day trip! Call us for more information on either day trip!

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