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Spring in Panama City Beach!

It won't be long! Sunshine, warmer days and a fun trip to Shell Island. March is always a beautiful time of yera here in Panama City Beach. Temperatures usually stay in the mid 70's. The water starts to warm up and you can find many people already swimming and enjoying Shell Island. Here is a chart of average Temps and water Temps.

Month Air High Air Low Avg. Water

January 62°F/17°C 44°F/7°C 59°F/15°C

February 67°F/19°C 53°F/12°C 59°F/15°C

March 73°F/23°C 55°F/13°C 63°F/17°C

April 76°F/24°C 62°F/17°C 78°F/26°C

May 79°F/26°C 62°F/17°C 78°F/26°C

June 85°F/29°C 71°F/22°C 80°F/27°C

July 87°F/31°C 73°F/23°C 84°F/29°C

August 88°F/32°C 75°F/24°C 84°F/29°C

September 86°F/30°C 72°F/22°C 82°F/28°C

October 75°F/24°C 58°F/14°C 67°F/19°C

November 75°F/24°C 58°F/14°C 67°F/19°C

December 66°F/19°C 48°F/9°C 65°F/18°C

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Happy New Year from Beachy Boat Rentals

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