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Pontoon Paradise

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Have you every thought about renting a Pontoon boat in Panama City Beach, but just never got around to it? You don't know what your missing!

My wife and I started visiting Panama City Beach back in 2004 and instantly fell in

love. The Emerald green water, white sand and just laid back feel was perfect for us. Well, one day we saw a sign about renting pontoon boats so we decided to give it a try. When we heard the prices for Panama City Beach Pontoon Rentals, we gasped for air.

From that moment forward, our goal was to open a small family owned business and make Pontoon Boat rentals in Panama City Beach affordable. I really feel like we have stayed true to our ambitions.

We offer 2 different size pontoons. We have a 9 passenger Sunchaser pontoon with 60hp, 12 passenger Bentley Pontoons with 70hp and Leisure Kraft Pontoons with 90hp. We make sure our boats are clean and ready for fun in the sun. You can view our rates and make reservations here:

We hope to meet you soon! Remember us when you are deciding on your Pasnama City Beach Pontoon rental!

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