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Packing for a day on the Pontoon

A question we get often is a really good question, "what should we bring/pack"? We suggest bringing things you would normally take with you to the beach.

The Florida sun can really take a toll on your skin, so always pack plenty of SPF, don't forget a lip balm with SPF in it as well. A hat always helps shield your face from the sun and even can help keep you cooler during the day.

We always grab our beach chairs, beach towels, a float, water shoes and a cooler full of all good stuff.

We love to pack our cooler full of things that will keep us hydrated during the day. Love to add strawberries, watermelon, grapes and honeydew. We always pack our favorite snacks to munch on and a sandwich for lunch. We stock the cooler full of water and other drinks for the island.

We are often ask if you can bring your dog. You can. Just make sure to bring a leash for him or her. Doggy lifejackets are great to have on hand for them also, especially if they love to swim. Remember to have a bowl for their water too.

We know how exciting it is getting ready for your day on the water at Shell Island. So don't worry if you forget to pack something - there are usually a few food and icecream boats at the Shell Island. You can find island toys there for purchase as well.

If you haven't already take your first step in planning your adventure in Panama CIty Beach by first picking your day for your pontoon boat rental. Then grab your beach bag, toss in all your favorite things and let's go for a boat ride to the island!

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